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People who love reading, or want to start reading, know how difficult it is today to juggle all the thousand of books published everyday, and to choose the most suitable books for that moment of their life. Books are very powerful, they can give us inspiration, motivation, and new perspectives, thus reading the best book for usat a given time of life can make a difference. In short, we know that rarely books "end up in our hands" randomly.

Indeed, we often "feel" what sort of book we'd like to read, but we're not sure whether the one we keep in our hands or that pur friends recommended is the best one for us.

With my BOOK WHISPERING service - personalized reading advice - I'll give you targeted books recommendations based on your taste, needs, goals, desires, and time. You'll be able to explore you relationship with reading, find books that will inspire you, open yourself to new perspectives, enchant you, enrich you and delight you.

I am a literary consultant and scout for publishers with over ten years experience in Italy and the UK. Over the years I have honed my skills and my ability to find the best and most suitable material for my clients, and I've decided to expand my service to everybody.

The BOOK WHISPERING sessions are done by email. I will send you a questionnaire to learn your taste, desires, and needs. Afterwards I will do a personalised search to identify the most suitable books for you and I will send you a "prescription" of 5 books.

The fee is €100.

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