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Live to spend or spend to live? The reading experience.

Live to spend or spend to live? The reading experience.

In the last issue of the British magazine Spears, targeting the High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), there ia a very interesting article written by Lucia van der Post about how the luxury brands are now realising they cannot count merely on the sales of their products anymore and are redirecting to selling "experiences". People's desires are changing and they're no more interested in accumulating things but rather in "doing things".

In the old days people spent money on material things, today they spend to feel better, learn, travel, dine out and so on. That's why companies such as LVMH, Armani, Gucci and Bulgari are investing in hospitality, another sector in evolution as clients no longer care about just having a nice place to stay, but want to live "transformational experiences" like learning the secrets of a famous chef, exploring indigenous cultures, take art tours, etc. Even non-luxury companies such as IKEA have spotted this shift in customers needs and are starting taking action for the future.

So, the question in the title of this article is essential to each individual, not only for the  HNWI: live to spend or spend to live? We have reached the point where we must decide, assess what really counts for us. What experience we want to make? What's important to us? And what experience can improve our life?

As far as I'm concerned the reading experience—either done for work or recreational reasons—it's always an affirmative one that regularly leaves something positive, especially if we choose the books that are the best suited for what we are experiencing in our lives.

That's why I've decide to offer my new service of BOOK WHISPERING (tailored reading advice): according to your taste, needs, goals, and desire,s I will research and advice you on the books that are best for you.

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