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One thousand white women

One thousand white women

A pleasant reading with an original plot and setting. The writing and the historical facts might not be perfect, but in my opinion this book has been unfairly "attacked" by some reviewers. I don't find the protagonist not credible in the way she faces her life and adversities and I disagree about the assumption that because the author is a man, he created a female character that would never behave as she does. Everyone is different and reacts to life events in a different way, and I have met women who went through excruciating experiences but quickly got back on their feet because of their strong spirit, just like May. Also, we cannot judge May (a woman from a 1870 wealthy and conservative family, traumatised by her time spent in an asylum and whose last chance of freedom comes from the exchange described in the book) according to the standards, beliefs and lifestyle of our times.
All in all, I would not put it among the best novels I have ever read, but it's catchy and it's not hard to get fond of many characters. If you like the historical setting, then give it a go.

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